Exercises and Workouts – Best Workouts To Perform On An Exercise Ball

One of the best and lowest cost pieces of fitness equipment to consider picking up to keep in your home is a basic exercise ball. An exercise ball is a fantastic way to work multiple muscle groups in your body and provide extra agility benefits as well…

1. Crunch On The Ball. First you have the basic crunch on the ball. If you’re a beginner who’s hoping to gain some abdominal strength, this is a great place to start. Doing your crunches on the ball will help you move through a wider range of motion, which then means greater physical benefits will be experienced.

The crunch on the ball will also help to work the muscle fibers deep within your core much better as well, as they’ll need to contract in order to keep you fully balanced.

The end result? Far superior core strength compared to doing this exercise on the floor.

2. Prone Roll Ins. Next, another exercise to try out with your exercise ball are prone ball roll ins. This one is great for those who are a little more advanced and who want to challenge their abs from another angle.

To perform it, simply place your feet up on the ball, arms directly beneath you. Then slowly roll the ball into your body as you bend your knees. Pause in this position and then roll out again to complete the rep.

Prone ball roll-ins will test your balance and agility, and also hit your shoulder muscles as well.

3. Ab Pike. If you find the prone ball roll in is too easy, then the next step is to perform the ab pike. This one is done just like the prone roll in, only this time rather than bending your knees as you pull the ball towards your body, you will keep your knees extended and move into an inverted pike position.

Pause at the top of the exercise and then roll back out to complete the rep.

4. Push-Ups On The Ball. Finally, the last of the exercises to consider is the push-up on the ball. For anyone who needs more of a challenge on the basic push-up, this is the one to do.

You can either do this with your hands on the ball or with your feet on the ball – whatever you prefer. Note your hands on the ball will be much more challenging however, so it’s a more advanced variation.

So grab a fitness ball and get going with these exercises – they’ll go a long way towards building up your fitness level and keeping you interested in your regular workout sessions.