Running for Your Best Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight running can prove to be one of the most effective calorie burning exercises there is however it is important to ensure that your overall plan is done correctly to achieve the weight loss you are looking for. To lose weight and to make sure that the exercise you do is effective you need to make sure you get your diet right.

For years we have been told that calorie counting is the way to go but this will only work if the food you eat is the right food. Weight loss and weight gain is all about the levels of insulin in your blood. If it is high the energy you eat will be channeled into your fat stores. If it is low it will not only not store the energy but will allow for the release of the energy you already have. This is the perfect scenario for weight loss because as the energy is released it is available to be burn. The result is the weight loss you have always wanted.

Conventional diets will talk about calorie restriction but if the food doesn’t lower your insulin levels then calorie counting is pointless. The only way to reduce your insulin level and keep it there is to eat real food. Do this and your fat cells release their stored energy giving you plenty of energy for exercise; in this case running!

So you have got your food intake right now it is time to run. For me I have always tried combining two different methods of running. Firstly speed where you run for short distances but as fast as you can. One challenge that is tougher than it sounds is the 1 mile sprint. It is a tough run but will work you hard and after a few weeks you will really notice it. The results will b amazing to weight loss and to your overall fitness level.

The other way to run is distance. This is slower than the sprint but you can go for a lot longer. You run this slower but you really burn the calories why you are doing it. While you may not be able to run a marathon you will be able to quickly run up to a 5km and even up to 10km within a few months. Then who knows what you can achieve as your fitness level increases and your weight falls.

Running is a great calorie burner and with your fat cells releasing that energy the running will drain those fat cells resulting in a potentially fast and effective weight loss. Combining speed and distance you can really burn calories and get the fit healthy body you dreamed of. Other than some running shoes you don’t even need to spend much money making it something that almost anyone can do. I usually finish my run do a few curls using Adjustable Dumbbells!